About Us


Projecthinkforward is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring optimal wellness to both individuals and the community at large by sponsoring health, healing, and happiness through individual therapy, group therapy, social events, and various holistic means. 


Our Philosophy 

Projecthinkforward is committed to promoting optimal health and wellness by changing the stigma surrounding mental health and connecting those in need with the right resources. We strive to treat each individual with dignity, respect, and compassion, and show what we can all accomplish when we work together to help those in need. We realize that many individuals have a desire to grow, heal, and fulfill their dreams, but may get lost along the way.  We want to be the ones to make a long lasting, positive impact in your life, and assist individuals in turning their dreams into a reality.


Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage optimal mental health in the communities we serve through holistic therapy, social projects and wellness advocacy. We will execute our mission by connecting individuals with licensed therapists, providing information on holistic treatments and other tools, and fostering mental health awareness, advocacy, and positivity in the community.


Our Goals and Recent Work in the Community

We have worked tirelessly throughout the fall and winter months raising funds for those in need, partnering with many donors and volunteers, and preparing for our official launch in 2021! Since our creation in August 2020 we have continued to work toward our goals to ensure a successful first year.

Our nonprofit is focused on serving those who cannot afford mental health assistance, may not have the support systems in place to take the next steps, or who have struggled to find the right resources. Starting after our launch in 2021, we will work one-on-one to help provide those in need with the best services and resources possible to get on track and move forward in their mental health journey. Because we only use a hand-picked network of skilled, certified therapists, we ensure that each of these therapists display our core values: passion, fun, professionalism, and accountability, in order to provide the most valuable and fulfilling experience for each patient. 


Holistic Remedies

In addition to the sponsored therapy that we offer, we also have a team of holistic life coaches and massage therapists who offer different remedies such as aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, and meditation. We believe the human body is a temple, and that if you treat it as such, it can heal and prosper by itself. With our monthly yoga events and meditation circles, we offer mental and breathing exercises to help in coping with anxiety and depression through connecting the mind and body and soul.